Appearances are deceiving

family 1517192 1920 Praktijk voor coaching en hypnotherapie Appearances are deceiving
In our shadows can usually be found what connects us (Photo © Pixabay)

You see what you see. You don’t see what you don’t see. For example, you do not see what is happening in the consciousness of a child, as a result of the circumstances in which it grows up. The thinking brain thinks you see it, just as the thinking brain really thinks of everything. We don’t see what we don’t see and so we continue to pass on each other’s blind spots. Result: one generation after the other is constantly confronted with the same issues.

So what can you see in a blind spot? A surreal question can be asked in this world, isn’t it? What could be seen? Nothing, nothing at all at first glance.

You won’t see it until you see it. It’s your shadow. We all have a shadow. Did you know that children feel the hurt parts in our shadow, and reflect them, like in a mirror… If we are open to it, we can learn a lot from children, about ourselves, about what we cannot see in ourselves.

Remember that children really do feel everything and consider it an invitation to feel and heal your own shadow parts. Healing yourself means that you also heal the next generation and thus take it to a higher level of consciousness.

I don’t know if life has meaning. If you think you know, raise your hand! On the other hand, it should also not prevent us from thinking about it and continuing to search. Imagine that an invitation like the one above gives a little bit of meaning to life… Imagine hey!

Fortunately, modern neuroscience is rushing towards us to better understand all this, including the child as a mirror of deep injuries. More on that later. Only this for now: children who act out their (?) pain instead of locking it up are often diagnosed with defiant behaviour, attachment or conduct disorder.

Do you want to know which invisible deep wounds you carry? Call me.


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